Embry-Riddle WEQC Website Design

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During my employment at Embry-Riddle, I served on a committee called Work Environment Quality Council (which was later called the Staff Council) and was elected to the position of Director of Marketing and Outreach. In this position, it was my responsibility to create an external communication strategy that worked better for the team. One of the things I upgraded was the website for the committee that lives inside the company portal.

This website was built on top of the existing SharePoint website theme created by Embry-Riddle IT. It is part of the University portal for staff and students to get information from various departments throughout the University. It has the following features:

  • A suggestion box for staff to submit ideas for a better work environment.
  • A page with the latest information about upcoming and past events such as Staff Member of the Year, Bring Your Child to Work Day, Holiday Parties, etc.
  • A membership page that provides contact information for every member of the group.
  • An announcements tool where staff can find the quarterly newsletter created by our team and other various announcements.

Screenshot of WEQC Website