Course Redesign for UNIV 101

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In August 2019, I was hired as an adjunct faculty member to teach one section of a freshmen-level course called “UNIV 101 – College Success.” The template course that I was provided was not really designed for students. It was mainly being used as a dump for instructor resources to use throughout the semester. I was not comfortable making it student-facing, so I redesigned the course with a student-first approach so they would understand how to proceed throughout the course.

Here are a few screenshots of my redesign. I used photographs provided to all staff by the Embry-Riddle Marketing team and created banners for the course homepage, syllabus, and major assignments.

Screenshot of UNIV 101 Homepage

Screenshot of UNIV 101 Syllabus

The course was based on a 100% scale where different assignment categories. The breaking policy is as follows:

Grading Policy

A = 90-100%  |  B = 80-89%  |  C = 70-79%  |  D = 60-69%  |  F 59% and below

Attendance (20%)
Class attendance is required! If you arrive to class tardy, it is your responsibility to make sure you receive credit for that day. If you are not present, you will receive a zero for that day.  You may be excused if you notify the instructor ahead of class. Your final attendance grade is measured as an average of every day attendance is taken.

In-class & Online Assignments (20%)
Some class activities will have assignments you will need to submit for credit. If you are not present you are not elibible to submit in-class assignments. Throughout the semester you will also have several online activities you are required to complete for this part of your final grade.

Campus Activities (20%)
Throughout the semester, you are required to attend a certain number of campus activities. Your attendance at these activities will earn you credit towards completing this part of your final grade.

Academic Study Plan (20%)
The Academic Study Plan will be graded as a complete/incomplete assignment. Your plan must be approved by your peer mentor to recieve this part of your final grade. According to department policy, failure to complete an Academic Study Plan by the end of the course will result in a failing grade (F) for the course.

Final Project (20%)
For your final project, you should collect photos and videos of yourself and your friends attending campus events and make a digital scrapbook for you to share with your friends and family. This assignment will be submitted on Canvas and shared with your peers in this class.

The Final Project was a huge success. The idea was to encourage students to participate in student activities throughout campus organized by student services and organizations. I had a slight concern that students with more introverted personalities wouldn’t enjoy the assignment but there was a 100% participation rate without any concerns expressed by the students. All students provided positive feedback in the end of course survey. The main complaint was that the course was scheduled for 8am.